Conditions voor behavioural change

Not a spiritual quest, but hard work. Not a recipe for happiness, but control over your life. Not temporary inspiration, but lasting results. Guaranteed.

Change behaviour

Research shows that change is not so much a matter of will, but rather a matter of doing it. The biggest obstacle here is a natural resistance to change.

Even when people really want to change, unconscious processes in the brain try to keep everything as it is. To break this resistance to change, we use scientifically proven psychological techniques and mechanisms.

Training energy and motivation

To get from wanting to doing in a short time, we have developed a training model that results in lasting behavioural change in only five sessions. 

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To guarantee results, the personal learning goals and vitality strategy are recorded in an online environment that participants can continue to access after the training.

Personal control

Within a structured framework, we let each participant indicate what they want to achieve and how to get there, step by step. 

Giving control back to the individual creates motivation and commitment; the fundamental building blocks for achieving the desired behavioural change.

Lasting results

Many training programmes have a high entertainment value. Participants are inspired and genuinely full of good intentions. Often, however, the enthusiasm dissipates quickly and the participants settle back into their old patterns of behaviour.

The Lab of Life training has a serious nature and a low entertainment factor, but has a lasting effect.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our approach has proven itself in practice, and we are confident that this method will also work for your organisation.

Therefore, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee: Not happy? Money back. It sounds cheesy, but highlights our confidence in the effectiveness of this training.


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