Complaints procedure The Lab of Life B.V.

A complaint regarding The Lab of Life B.V. is always taken seriously. If you have a complaint, we ask you to submit it in writing form via

1 Complaint handling

1.1 We will always treat a complaint confidentially.
1.2 The complaint will be responded to within 2 weeks and we aim to handle the complaint within 4 weeks. If a longer period of time is needed to conduct research, the submitter will be notified within 4 weeks and the reason of the delay will be explained; in addition, an indication will be given of when we expect to be able to provide a definitive answer.
1.3 If, for any reason, the complaint can’t be handled by us, the complaint will be reviewed by Nunes Consulting Group. The opinion of Nunes Consulting Group is binding and The Lab of Life B.V. will accept the consequences.

2 Registration complaint

2.1 We register the complaint and the method of handling and keep it in our records for at least 1 year.