“The effectiveness of my training is much higher now. This method just works."

Training and certification

Every trainer and coach wants to give their participants and clients value for their money. By using the Lab of Life method, you choose proven results and lasting effects for your participants.

Why do we educate trainers?

We believe that authenticity and self-efficacy are the key to feeling great and to a well balanced life. But the challenge is big. To help as many people as possible, we need trainers who believe in our mission and want to help us in realizing this mission.

Advantages of a trainership at The Lab of Life

  • A scientifically proven effective methodolody that has proven itself many times in practice
  • A methodology that offers a solution for a wide range of topics
  • Satisfied participants and clients
  • A strong competitive position as a trainer
  • Support for your (online) marketing & sales
  • No longer working on hourly invoice basis

Get certified

To guarantee the quality of the methodology, our training courses are facilitated by certified trainers. The education for The Lab of Life trainer for adults or youth consists of two days. Want to know what the training looks like? What the licensing model entails? What support can you expect? What we expect from you as a The Lab of Life trainer? Receive more information about our education for The Lab of Life trainer for adults or young people.

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