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The Lab of Life for employees

What is The Lab of Life for employees?

Feeling great, both at home and at your work. The Lab of Life training helps working people to identify habits and patterns that prevent them from feeling comfortable. Employees change this situation into constructive behavior and learn how they can adjust their behavior themselves. In this way employees will be able to independently ensure that they are agile and resilient in the future.

What does a The Lab of Life training look like?

  • 5 sessions of 2 hours
  • Every other week a session (timespan of 8 weeks)
  • In a group till 12 participants, or individual
  • Always customized through a personal workbook
  • Personal online environment with a checklist, pre- & postmeasurement

What results does the Lab of Life training provide?

What factors are being measured and what The Lab of Life training has delivered so far is visible below. Scientific research shows that these results are endurable.

For which situations is The Lab of Life training suitable?

  • Increasing mental and physical vitality

  • An optimal balance between work and private time

  • Decreasing stress level and experience of workload

  • Prevention and decreasing burn-out problems

  • Stimulating working performance & increasing working ability

  • Increasing enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation

  • Development of self-steering ability and personal leadership

Certified trainers

To ensure the quality of our methodology our training is given by certified trainers. The Lab of Life trainers are well educated and have diverse backgrounds regarding personal development and well-being.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our approach has proven itself in practice and we are covinced that our methodology also works for you. That's why we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee: No Cure, No Pay.

lasting results

Organizations that have used our method